Making the journey from confusion to clarity through the power of conversation

When the story we’ve told ourselves about our future parts company with current reality, we become disorientated and confused and it’s easy to become stuck.

The reality is that the same forces creating the uncertainty also contain new opportunities to change your life for the better – they are just difficult to see.

By bringing you into conversation with others looking to find their way, we enable you to work together to bring those opportunities into the light of day and take action to realise them,

Riding the Storm

The storm clouds have been forming for a while. A combination of the end of the industrial era and the increasing maturity of the digital era is asking important questions of all of us.

The legacy of the industrial era in the form of climate change, biodiversity loss, and increasing inequality has to be addressed.

We used to have complicated problems, and were able to solve them through best practices, efficient processes, scale and automation.

Now we have complex, systemic problems that react in real time to our efforts to address them. We cannot solve them, only shape them as we try to understand them better.

And there is only one way to do that.


Complex problems are often referred to as “Wicked”. They are multi faceted, multi dimensional and constantly evolving. They are unique to each situation, and beyond the reach of external consultants to solve. Only you can solve yours.

That doesn’t mean alone. Complex problems become clearer when looked at by different people, with different backgrounds, working together to support each other.

We bring these people together, add our own experience and creativity, and provide the tools, techniques and models to help you find your way.

We all have our own stories to craft for a new future.

They are better written in the company of others.