Exploration Groups

We all see the world differently. We have different experiences, personalities and fears. One definition of genius is to be able to communicate to others something only you can see.

We all have elements of genius, and sometimes that genius is to be able bring clarity to someone else’s insight.

In conventional meetings, we spend our time in pursuit of a defined goal ,and in doing so often blind ourselves to other ideas – the “adjacent possibles” – that are there to be found. If we focus on efficiency, we can exclude serendipity, and in times of uncertainty, it is often serendipity that will lead us out of it.

We bring people together and create spaces for serendipity to emerge and ideas to grow.

Right now, we want to form two groups of around eight to help each other explore what 2021 might enable for them. No charges, no selling, just constructive curiosity for it’s own sake.

Who is it for?

  • Individuals who want to be doing something different by the time Spring arrives.
  • People who have the ability to act on what they learn.
  • Those with agency wanting to do something important, for themselves and others.
  • Individuals. Not businesses.

If the idea appeals, and you’d like to know more sign up below to join us join us for a conversation on 25th November.